It is the responsibility of this office to account for over 528 million dollars received each year.

And to issue warrants (checks) in payment of all County obligations including the distribution of tax dollars to Delaware County itself and to its:

  • Nineteen (19) Townships
  • Six (6) Villages
  • Four (4) Cities
  • Seventeen (17) School Districts
  • One (1) Park Board
  • Four (4) Library Systems
  • As well as other County Agencies


Delaware County is one of the first counties in central Ohio to participate in the Treasurer of State’s transparency initiative, Ohio Checkbook.  As County Auditor, I am dedicated to promoting accountability to the taxpayers of Delaware County.  This platform enables taxpayers to see exactly how their tax money is being spent.  Taxpayers can view, sort, download and share the spending data available through the Ohio Checkbook initiative.  We are proud and excited to be able to provide this information to our taxpayers for the first time in Ohio history.
Click here to access Delaware County’s expenditure data.


Past Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports