Delaware County Auditor Forms


(DTE1) Complaint Against the Valuation of Real Property

(DTE 1A) Special COVID-19-Related Complaint Against the Valuation of Real Property

(DTE 2) Complaint Against the Assessment of Real Property Other than Market Value

(DTE 4) BTA Revision Appeal

(DTE 23) Property Tax Exempt Form

(DTE 23A) Penalty Remission

(DTE 23N) Notice of Loss of the Right to Real Property Tax Exemption

(DTE 23v) Veterans’ and Fraternal Organization Tax Exemption Renewal Application

(DTE 24) TIF Property Exempt Form

(DTE 25) Mobile Home Tax Exempt

(DTE 26) Damaged Property

(DTE 41) Mobile Home Registration

(DTE 55) Mobile Home Taxed Like Real

(DTE 56) Application For Owner-Occupancy Tax Reduction On Manufactured And Mobile Homes Taxed Like Real Property

(DTE 100) Real Property Conveyance Fee Statement

(DTE 100EX) Conveyance Exemption

(DTE101) Statement Of Conveyance Homestead Property

(DTE 102) Agricultural Conveyance

(DTE 105A) Homestead Exemption Application

(DTE 105C) Owner-Occupancy Tax Reduction

(DTE 105E) Homestead Certificate of Disability

(DTE 105I) Homestead-Disabled Veterans & Spouse

(DTE 105G) Homestead Exemption Addendum(DTE 105K) Homestead-Surviving Spouse of Public Service Officer

(DTE 106B) Homestead Exemption and Owner-Occupancy Reduction Complaint

(DTE 109) Current Agricultural Use Valuation

(DTE 109A) Current Agricultural Use Valuation Renewal Application

(DTE 110) Notice to Amend Application for the Valuation of Land in Accordance With Its Current Agricultural Use

(CIG40) Cigarette License App

(ODA 11) Agricultural District Application

(ST1) Vendor Application

Amended Certificate Request

BOR Rules and Procedures

City/Village Estimated Revenues

Combination App

Dog License App

Estate Tax Forms

Rental Registration Form

Township Estimated Revenues

Weights and Measures Complaint