As your County Auditor and County Treasurer, we are making it our priority to provide as much information to the citizens of Delaware County by notifying you of various financial and/or taxation assistance programs that are available. The Division of the Unclaimed Funds is one such program.

The Division of Unclaimed Funds is part of the Ohio Department of Commerce and was created to protect Ohio citizens who have inactive accounts with financial institutions and other entities. The Division is responsible for the safekeeping and return of monies designated as “unclaimed”. Each year, due to death, inadvertence or forgetfulness, more than 200,000 people and organizations lose track of monies, rights to monies, and intangible property in Ohio. Enacted in 1968 to protect people who lost track of their money, the unclaimed funds laws allow the division to ensure that holders report unclaimed funds.


Please take the time to quickly review the website listed below and determine if you are in fact entitled to receive any unclaimed funds.

State of Ohio Unclaimed Funds Website


Also, you can search to see if you have any unclaimed funds with the County of Delaware by visiting the following links.

Delaware County Unclaimed Funds

Delaware County Probate Court Unclaimed Inheritance



George Kaitsa

George Kaitsa
Delaware County Auditor

Jon Peterson
Delaware County Treasurer