Delaware County Weights and Measures


“Delaware County Weights and Measures tests all liquid gasoline pumps to ensure that the correct amount of product is dispensed in any amount. With certified test measures (prover), our team tests 5 gallon samples of all products for volume. Our inspectors actively work off of standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and adopted by the Ohio Department of Agriculture when testing pumps. Based on these standards, our inspectors evaluate whether or not the pump and meter comply. If a meter is found to be incorrect, the pump is placed out of service. The pump is placed back into service when a state certified technician corrects the issue, tests the pump, and contacts Delaware County Weights and Measures.”


UPC Scanners-

“Delaware County Weights and Measures holds businesses to high standards of price accuracy on store shelves. Stores are not required to post prices in their stores. If prices are posted for any product, it must be correct. It is critical that these prices are correct to protect both the customer and the business. UPC price verification inspections are a “snapshot” of all departments within a store. Checking all departments is important to ensure that all types of products are accurate.”


Commercial Scales-

“Commercial Scales include many different types of scales. These scales include vehicle scales, livestock scales, platform scales, POS scales and many more. Delaware County Weights and Measures frequently tests these scales. The most frequently tested scales in our county are all scales used in the front and back end of grocery stores. These scales are tested for accuracy with certified weight standards to the capacity of the scale. If a scale is found to be incorrect, it is placed out of service until it is serviced and tested by a state certified technician and Delaware County Weights and Measures. Another important test preformed on these scales is tare capabilities. Tare is required to be taken on many different items and is tested.”


Weights and Measures Online Complaint Form


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  • Note: pump number and gas grade required with pump complaint
  • Note: pump number and gas grade required with pump complaint